Saturday, 10 March 2012

Found: a cat

Glad this wasn't found in my garden or brought into my house. I'd have 'ad 'im!

Friday, 9 March 2012

Something is a-paw

She reckons she has kept it quiet, but it's hard not to know something is going on when all my usual comfy places - sofa, back of sofa, top of landing in the sun, floors, beds, etc - are covered in boxes and bin liners.

I'll find out what it is soon enough and then, well, then there'll be trouble, I purromise.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Siberian Weather hits UK....

....and someone locked the cat flap. The only day she actually turns the heating on and forgets to turn it off and I am OUTSIDE.

Monday, 21 November 2011


There's always a twist.

Who let the cold in? Me, me, me, me.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

There's a mouse in the house

And it's taken her ages to notice it. I, of course, have been keeping my eye on it for quite some time. Mainly because it is in her bedroom and I can lie comfortably on the bed watching it, whilst she has remained blissfully ignorant about it until tonight. I just wanted to see how she would react, as every other mouse that I have been nonchalantly murdering to keep my house clean, she hasn't actually mentioned.

Now though apparently, it's all my fault that it is there.

I shall wash and ponder on my course of action concerning this.....

Sunday, 3 July 2011

The catwalk calls

I have been modelling! Am starting small before I hit the fashion catitals such as Miaowlan and Purris.

I'm not sure my photographer has the proper set up, although I investigated it quite closely,

but this is at least a start.

I'm sure I will be called to cat5ings soon.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

News from the homefront

There is an imposter, a newcomer, on my doorstep. She claims she is IT. She is called Fibre.

Apparently, what she can offer is far and beyond what a mere twisted purr like myself is able to.

I think there is a fight on. Obviously, this will take some thinking about. I am not giving up my dominant position so easily.

She has videos on Youtube. I am making my own. Watch and learn, Fibre......

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Puss Wet Thru....

MeowwHaHaHa....tis raining out there.....come to dry out on the keyboard. W...W...W...wet.

She just told me to "Puss off". No chance.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

It iz my box!

I found this box in the corner of the office....seemz to be mine.

Thursday, 31 March 2011

QuakeBook - I'm purroud of her indoors

Well who would have believed it? BBC, CNN, Sky, Japan Times, and others far too numerous to mention, have promoted Quakebook.

Two weeks tomorrow, Lindsey and hundreds of others will have been involved in Quakebook. In a few hours, apparently, there is a purress conference to announce where Quakebook is right now. Apparently, this is gonna be BIG NEWS worldwide.....

A simple tweet (not a sparrow) has led to a 30,000 word charity fund-raising book for the Red Cross in Japan, to raise money through photos, images, and an anthology of personal experiences of the Tohoku earthquake, ensuing tsunami and all that has followed.

She seems inordinately proud of her small role in this huge project. You really need to check out to see who the real players are. We now have new friends across the world.....that's our little bit. A nothingness compared to the contributions of so many others.

But, to all those who have kept Lins busy and distracted from the problems at home, I salute you. Muhahaha, yes, I have thumbs!! (Kizzy told me to say this.......)

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Japan - I'm purrpared for everything now

Lindsey has been following, almost compulsively, both the humanitarian and nuclear disasters in a place called Japan. It has been upsetting, I have to admit, and there is no way to begin to imagine how many cats, dogs, and people have lost their lives. Numbers cease to mean anything in these instances, and my heart goes out to everyone in Japan.

I've sent my donations - for socks (warm feet are so important) and food and vet's bills.

Meanwhile, as the world's press continue to sensationalise the news rather than sticking to solid journalistic guidelines, apparently, she recalls a publication called "Protect and Survive" from her younger days, and is following nuclear protection advice from that. For me.

So, I have been painted white to protect me from fall out.

I suspect the 'fallout' from her putting this picture of me online will be measurable across the world. GRRR. But please, donate to those in Japan through one of the links above.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Where has she been?

Bloody woman. Left me alone for weeks.... well, days.

Hours anyway. And, the worst bit was she turned the computer off when she went. Or someone did. Stymied my creativity. I couldn't even casually walk on the keyboard and post.

So, now I'm back.


Saturday, 5 March 2011

Purr-ess Intrusion at my Blog Launch

Papurrazzi tried to get me.

Pub to purr in one easy move

Well, I don't know what is the matter with her.

Something to do with, and I quote, "Loss of local amenities kills all community spirit. It's here in black and white. No pub, no village website, nothing. Asset stripping by non-residents should be forbidden. Big Society, my a*&^."

Some villages in Norfolk apparently whose pubs have been closed by the same person who owns the pub here. And he lives in some godforsaken place called "The Sarf".

And she's found it on t'interweb. This Google thing should be banned after 6pm IMnotsoHO, thank you.

Not sure what a pub is but the lack of one in the village has definitely caused grief in this household. Why is Lindsey *always* here when I need to sit on the keyboard quietly during the evenings and wash?

Well, she's here. I'll sit anyway.

The keyboard iz mine

Today appears to be a difficult day for Lindsey. Firstly, Cumbria County Council appear to have put out an update to the plans for the BDUK pilot (she talks about this far too much) which seems to have caused minor apoplexy, bad words, and striking of the keyboard. And then there's something about State Aid guidelines being ignored, and the failure of this country to get true broadband, all of which are causing a run on these mugs of tea she keeps littering my desk with.

As you can see, I have taken up residence in front of her to chill her out. When I sit down, (which I am about to in the photo) something really quite trffic happens. I have written a poem. Iz can multitazk.

(With apologies to Pooh)

On the left of the keyboard
Is a key where I sit
There isn't any other key
Quite like it
It's not at the bottom
It's not at the top
And it's puurfect as it makes the PC stop

Cable Tied

I have insisted that Lindsey makes space for me on the desk. Apparently, playing around with the cables stresses her out and causes a very interesting reaction. Something about "Arg! You've disconnected the entire network". I shall bear this in mind for future.

I have co-authored a book

The latest community broadband book is finished and on sale. I contributed a substantial amount in the authoring and editing process, of which I am very purroud.

Here I am dictating another chapter to Lindsey:


I am a rescue cat from Wing and a Prayer, originally called Mrs Mog, but now re-named to match my new station in life - Cat5. I am a broadband cat.

I am currently re-organising the home I now live in, and those who live here, to my requirements. Most of the time, it is just myself and my comfort requisitions officer, Lindsey. She still needs some work, but I think she has potential.

She says I have to mention Graham Small, whose fault, apparently all this is. Thank you Graham for giving me a voice on t'interweb. It's been a long time coming and shows how well Lindsey is taking to the training.